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Is there any way to read just the Flora stream at CNET UK? Hell yeah, thanks to CNET’s new search function.

Here’s a link to a list of the my latest news, reviews, blog entries and features, with the newest at the top:


Disability no barrier to gaming

This piece was also broadcast as a radio package on Digital Planet.

Jon Kuniholm sits in front of the telly and plays Guitar Hero, the music video game. He’s sailing through Pat Benetar’s classic, Hit Me with Your Best Shot.

But unlike most players, he doesn’t strum a little plastic guitar with his hands; Kuniholm’s right arm is amputated just below the elbow.

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The struggle among the stars

The chief executive of the world’s biggest corporation gets a phone call in the middle of the night. Thanks to industrial espionage, the company has been bankrupted, assets stripped, bank accounts emptied. When trading starts the next day, even the company name will be gone.

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How The Pirate Bay sailed into infamy

The Pirate Bay isn’t shy about what they are doing – they are pirates, and proud of it. Their logo shows a galleon under full sail, with a cassette tape topping a skull and crossbones in a nod to the Jolly Roger.

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Gaza crisis spills onto the web

The weapons of war include hacking, phishing, and disrupting social networks, a BBC investigation finds.

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Windows 7 now ‘available to all’

The latest Windows release will be available to everyone after a surge in demand crashed the Microsoft website on 9 January, the original release date.

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Google search finds missing child

A nine-year-old girl, allegedly kidnapped by her grandmother, has been found using a mobile phone signal and Google Street View.

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Police ‘encouraged’ to hack more

The Home Office has signed up to an EU strategy against cybercrime that “encourages” police across Europe to remotely access personal computers.

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Taking democracy to the stars

The game world of EVE Online, developed in Iceland, has become the world’s first virtual democracy.

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